Quran Recitation (Private Course)

About The Course

Upon completing the Qaidah Nooraniyah, learners will gain the ability to independently recite the Quran with minimal assistance from their teacher. This course focuses on training students to recite the Quran with precision and accuracy, emphasizing correct pronunciation and intonation. Students will learn to give each letter in the Quran its proper rights and dues, paying close attention to the rules that govern these letters in various situations based on their individual characteristics. By mastering these skills, students will develop a strong foundation for reciting the Quran with excellence.

Note: Our instructional approach involves the teacher recording the Sura while displaying it on the screen. The teacher will then provide detailed explanations on how to pronounce letters and words accurately. In addition, students will be required to record their own recitation, which the teacher will assess and provide feedback on. The student’s progress to the next lesson will be determined by the teacher’s satisfaction with their recitation.

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